REACH Edmonton

After more than 16 months on Edmonton streets, the 24/7 Crisis Diversion Team released three short vignettes demonstrating the impact the initiative is having on clients, and the community as a whole, at a report back to the community event on March 15. 

In addition to a detailed presentation of the evaluation data the initiative has gathered since November 2015, the event included a screening of the vignettes which showed how the teams can be accessed by businesses, emergency services and the general public to help people in non-emergency distress connect to the supports they need. 

"In these vignettes, the client-centred approach of the work these teams are doing is so visible," said said Lindsay Daniller, director of community initiatives and strategic development at REACH Edmonton.. "They show the depth of the collaboration and how the teams are working to help clients get to a safe place. All these collaborations are better shown through these stories than us trying to describe them." 

The vignettes can be viewed on REACH Edmonton's YouTube page

"We can't just show numbers if we want to show the full impact that the work of these teams is having on vulnerable Edmontonians," said Daniller. "These stories show that vulnerable people can get access to the supports that they need, when they need them, with a compassionate and caring hand." 

Members of the public can dispatch the 24/7 Crisis Diversion Team by calling 211 and pressing 3.