REACH Edmonton

REACH Edmonton partnered with the Tamarack Institute to host a three-day workshop focused on Community Engagement: The Next Generation in Edmonton Nov. 24 – 26.

The theme aimed to help participants adapt to the changing landscape of communication through technology while holding onto the most valuable tenets of traditional engagement.

Sessions discussed the possibilities for enhancing community engagement with modern technology and social media, but cautioned that technology is not a fix-all solution and on-the-ground work is still necessary.

“We have the technology, but we still need to build relationships in order to work together successfully,” said Lindsay Daniller, director of community initiatives and development at REACH Edmonton. “Community engagement always starts with those you work with.”

As a planning partner, REACH was able to invite 20 people to participate in the workshop as a professional development opportunity.

“We invited key partners from our 24/7 Crisis Diversion, the Sexual Exploitation Working Group, REACH Immigrant and Refugee Initiative, and Managed Alcohol initiatives,” said Daniller. “It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other and continue to build those relationships.”

The workshop was aligned with the way that REACH works in the community as a backbone organization.

“We work with partners toward solving complex social problems, we collaborate and these things are essential tenets to what we do in the city,” said Daniller.

“Because leadership needs to emerge from the entire partnership, not just the backbone organization, bringing our partners to this workshop was a practical opportunity to do just that.”

Community organizers from across Canada and the United States attended.