REACH Edmonton

The Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention (CMNCP) presented a three-day Crime Prevention Training Opportunity this month, in partnership with REACH Edmonton.

This training session took place February 14-16 at the Radisson Hotel Edmonton South and included about 60 participants from across the country.

The interactive conference was intended to provide learners with information, skills, and capacity in comprehensive community safety strategies and upstream crime prevention through social development. The training will include presentations, group discussions and activities covering the following main components:

· Conducting or guiding local safety audits/diagnosis

· Creating comprehensive community safety plans

· Identifying, selecting, adopting and implementing evidence-based and promising crime prevention programs

· Engaging meaningfully with community stakeholders and creating cross-sectoral collaborations

· Developing and implementing evaluation plans

· Understanding the advantages of and barriers to Centres of Responsibility

REACH Edmonton partnered with CMNCP to coordinate this training and will have staff presenting sessions, with REACH's Executive Director Jan Fox taking a lead role as a facilitator.

"We are so thrilled that people came here to learn about the importance of investing in evidence-based crime prevention strategies," said Fox. "We all learned about different models from across the country, which is so valuable because there is no single perfect way to do this kind of work."

The Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention (CMNCP) brings together Canadian municipalities from across the country in order to fulfill its mission to build municipal capacity, mobilize municipalities to prevent and reduce crime, and foster community safety and wellbeing through the sharing and development of knowledge, expertise and vision. CMNCP is a Canadian voice on municipally-led approaches to crime prevention.