REACH Edmonton

REACH expands training in 2015

REACH Edmonton is expanding access to critical, frontline training in 2015, with multiple sessions covering issues related to Aboriginal trauma and challenges in immigrant and refugee communities. “We are offering this training so that service providers understand the issues surrounding trauma and how it continues to affect their clients’ lives,” said Lindsay Daniller, director of Community Initiatives and Development at REACH Edmonton.
REACH aims to make this training accessible, affordable and concise through single-day and half-day sessions. Between training sessions throughout the year and the Trauma Informed Edmonton Conference in March, REACH is partnering with multiple organizations and agencies across the city. Partners for these opportunities include Edmonton Police Services, the City of Edmonton, Ambrose Place, Urban Core Support network, Native Counselling Services of Alberta, Boyle Street Community Services, Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society and the Centre for Race and Culture. In order for frontline workers to have the greatest impact on their clients, knowledge of historic and intergenerational trauma is key, said Daniller. she said. “Greater outcomes for clients can be reached when frontline workers are informed about the historical and contemporary impacts of trauma on their clients. For a full listing of REACH training opportunities in 2015, visit