REACH Edmonton

REACH Edmonton expanded access to critical, frontline training in 2016, with new sessions covering issues around trauma, PTSD and colonization. 

“We are offering this training so that service providers understand the issues surrounding trauma and how it continues to affect their clients’ lives,” said Lindsay Daniller, director of Community Initiatives and Development at REACH Edmonton.

REACH aims to make this training accessible, affordable and concise through single-day and half-day sessions.

Other sessions cover topics including inter-cultural competency, trauma, working with Indigenous clients, and gang awareness.

This year, REACH has offered 50 public and in-service sessions and has so far provided training to more than 3,000 people in Edmonton.

“We need more education and conversation about the challenges of this work,” said one session participant. “Especially in terms of maintaining the conversation going forward and developing our background knowledge.”

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