REACH Edmonton

Season's Greetings from all of us at REACH Edmonton!

2015 has been a milestone year for us as we celebrate our fifth year in existence.

Here is a brief recap of our exciting year.




Below the Belt: Men's Project launches it's website:



REACH begins a series of community engagements to align and leverage services to meet the growing demand for crisis diversion.

  • 25 agencies (including those serving Aboriginals, the inner-city, youth and immigrants) are consulted.

160 people attend the Trauma Informed Edmonton Conference.

The Out of School Time (OST) Collaborative offers 4 training workshops to community groups and frontline staff between March and April. These include:

  • Healthy Minds for Healthy Children
  • Preventing and Addressing Bullying
  • 10 Steps to Creating Safe Environments
  • Mental Health First Aid



The Sexual Exploitation Working Group (SEWG) recognizes Sexual Exploitation Week of Awareness by:

REACH hires a full-time Project Coordinator to provide support to the Out of School Time (OST) Collaborative and community groups.

The REACH Immigrant & Refugee Initiative (RIRI) hosts a Lunch & Learn discussion on Muslim Cultural Sensitivity.




200 people attend the High Risk Youth Symposium - Pedways to Practice.

The REACH Immigrant & Refugee Initiative (RIRI) produces 2 vignettes on healthy Family Life and Family Resourcesfor newcomer families.

  • An accompanying curriculum is also developed.

REACH partners with the Edmonton Police Service on Crime Prevention Week by:

  • Submitting a joint proclamation
  • Hosting a Hard Target session
  • Hosting an LRT/Walk-Ride event
  • Developing and implementing a joint, social media campaign on personal safety. This campaign reaches more than 210,100 people.




REACH celebrates 5 years with AGM and Anniversary Showcase. More than 300 people attend.

110 summer-youth program staff attend the Out of School Time (OST) Conference: Inspiring Creativity.

REACH partners with the United Way and the City of Edmonton to obtain funding for OST groups from the Butler Family Foundation.

The REACH Immigrant & Refugee Initiative (RIRI) organizes 2 events, Building Happy & Healthy Families and Global Teen Fest.

REACH partners with the City of Edmonton to facilitate the development and distribution of a grant focused on encouraging intercultural programming amongst summer programs, June through July.

REACH presents at the Downtown Business Association's Security Seminar.




9 groups, providing programming to 1,077 children and youth, access school space through the Joint Use Summer Access Program.

July through August, 1,823 children and youth are in summer programs that are directly supported by REACH in some capacity.

The REACH Immigrant & Refugee Initiative (RIRI) develops a Healthy Youth Relationships presentation and curriculum for junior high and senior high youth, focusing on foundational concepts for all types of relationships and communication.

WrapED brochure, Empowering Youth, is released.

Oskayak, a summer day camp aimed at building relationships between Aboriginal youth and the Edmonton Police Service, takes place.




The Police and Youth Engagement Program (PYEP), a summer day camp aimed at building relationships between immigrant youth and the Edmonton Police Service, takes place.




24/7 Mobile Assistance Program (MAP) ends to build a new iteration of the service.

  • From October 2014 to September 2015, 24/7 MAP made 4,298 contacts with vulnerable individuals requiring crisis support.

775 people attend the Victim Services Conference: "Exploring Challenges/Creating Solutions: Supporting Families of Missing or Murdered Persons."

Combat Crime gives seed funding to local youth groups to develop community programs.

The Sexual Exploitation Working Group (SEWG) launches it's website:




A new model of crisis diversion emerges with new partners Boyle Street Community Services, Hope Mission and 211, playing a larger role.

A new, Community Service Resource Fair at the Stanley A. Milner Library is launched for frontline workers, emergency services and security teams working in the downtown core.

  • This event provides opportunities for those who support the most vulnerable people, to learn about the services available and make agency contacts.
  • Partners include the Edmonton Public Library, the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Police Service, Boyle Street Community Services and Bissell Centre.

The Sexual Exploitation Working Group (SEWG) hosts a Knowledge Exchange event for 40 frontline workers featuring Detective Inspector Simon Häggström with the Stockholm Police Force - Prostitution Unit.

The REACH Immigrant & Refugee Initiative (RIRI) hosts 2 events, a Faith Leaders Panel and a Safe Spaces training session.

The Sexual Exploitation Working Group (SEWG) hosts a Lunch & Learn on Below the Belt: Men's Project.

  • More than 60 participants learn about boys and men involved in sexual exploitation.




The REACH Immigrant & Refugee Initiative (RIRI) presents on the Cultural Navigator model at the Diverse Voices Family Violence Conference.

REACH partners with the Edmonton Police Service to develop and implement a social media campaign on winter safety.

  • The campaign reaches more than 196,761 people.

REACH partners with the Tamarack Institute to bring a 3-day workshop on Community Engagement: The Next Generation to Edmonton.

  • More than 100 people attend.




2,276 individuals participate in various training opportunities with REACH in 2015.

  • REACH training offerings have grown to 7 core workshops: 4 Aboriginal, 2 Immigrant and Refugee, and 1 Gang Awareness session incorporating the work of the WrapED youth facilitators.

REACH's 24/7 Crisis Diversion partnership is set for some expansion in 2016, after City Council votes to increase funding by $1 million.

  • The motion passed December 1 after Councillor Knack moved to double the requested funding increase from $500,000.

The REACH Immigrant & Refugee Initiative (RIRI) hosts Safe Spaces training for REACH staff.

The Sexual Exploitation Working Group (SEWG) hosts a Lunch & Learn with Rachel Moran from Dublin, Ireland. Rachel dispels myths around the sex trade and talks about her journey through prostitution.

  • More than 200 people attend.

REACH's Executive Director Jan Fox, participates in 28 speaking engagements throughout 2015.