REACH Edmonton

Edmonton City Council approved two more years of funding to continue the work of Schools as Community Hubs (SACH). "We're thrilled that we have two more years of funding," said REACH Edmonton Executive Director Jan Fox. "This initiative works to build a safe community for children, youth and families in communities where there are high concentrations of immigrant, refugee and Aboriginal families and is vital to their integration to Edmonton." Going forward, the work of SACH will be continued under the banner of All In For Youth. This collaborative initiative aims to continue the work of SACH, Partners for Kids and Out of School Time in connecting families to the community through local schools, while also increasing high school completion. A Leger Marketing evaluation of the first three years ofSACH showed the initiative returned $4.60 in social value for every dollar spent. This included benefits such as $7.6 million in social costs avoided from youth not completing high school and a $4.3 million increase in parental incomes, due to the greater supports offered to families. All In For Youth will incorporate SACH into fully integrated services for youth. This approach will bring a focus on true wraparound services and supports with targeted interventions for the most vulnerable youth in the community, including Aboriginal immigrant and refugee children. As a backbone organizations, REACH Edmonton's role is to bring together partners to strengthen existing programs, identify gaps and work collaboratively towards making Edmonton a safer city.