REACH Edmonton

The work of REACH Edmonton is defined by its collaborative nature, which is why REACH is partnering with the Tamarack Institute to bring a three-day training opportunity focused on working collectively to Edmonton February 28 - March 2.

Collective Impact 3.0 is a three-day intensive workshop for anyone in early, mid or later-stage work focused on community change.

The workshop will explore the latest research in the practice of collective impact from experts, practitioners and early adopters of the work.

"The Collective Impact framework has breathed new life into the weary efforts of many long-standing community change initiatives. It has also dramatically increased the number of new and aspiring change makers," said Mark Cabaj and Liz Weaver, who will present at the workshop, in their paper Collective Impact 3.0: An Evolving Framework for Community Change. "For all that, the exemplary stories of impact (like Medicine Hat's success in eliminating homelessness, or the slow but steady improvement of academic outcomes in the environs of Cincinnati) are still the exception rather than the rule."

REACH is a partner in presenting this workshop because it aligns with the way that our work in the community is done.

"As a backbone organization, we believe that this way of working collaboratively is key to our success, and it is essential that this training be available to the community," said Lindsay Daniller, Director of Community Initiatives and Strategic Development at REACH Edmonton.

Daniller is also a Thought Leader with Tamarack and will be presenting at the workshop.

The workshop is aimed at professionals focused on community change who are leading or part of a collective impact collaborative, or are wanting to deepen or share collective impact experiences through case studies and workshops.

For more information, or to register, please click here