REACH Edmonton

As REACH Edmonton’s training program is about to wrap up for the year, 2017 has shown continued growth. 

The program saw an increased demand for the training on self-care in front line work.

“The workshops covered enough around self-care to convey the absolute necessity for it,” said one participant. “ It was a great opportunity to stop and reflect on how my work is impacting me and how I can be the most empathetic service provider I can be.”

In 2017, REACH’s training partnership with Trauma Informed Edmonton consistently resulted in sold-out workshops.

“Front line workers are doing complex, multifaceted work that is often done by non-profit organizations with minimal or non-existent budgets for professional development,” Lindsay Daniller, director of community initiatives and strategic development at REACH Edmonton. “We are dedicated to keeping training affordable and accessible to Edmonton’s front line workers.”

Requests for in-service training increased.


As of mid-November, REACH Edmonton has coordinated 66 training sessions that served 1,175 people.

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