REACH Edmonton

Frontline workers had the chance to connect to specialized training at the 2015 Trauma Informed Edmonton Conference March 4 and 5.
This year’s conference saw a sold out crowd of 150 people gather at the Westin Hotel to learn about how trauma affects their clients, while tapping into local expertise.

“If we can’t separate the disease from the person we get burnt out,” said Aaron Paquette, former caseworker and local artist and activist, in his keynote address. “It isn’t what happens to people that matters, it’s what they do with it that determines what their lives will become.”

REACH Edmonton was a partner on the planning committee for the conference, which is in its second year. Through coordinating targeted trauma training over the past two years, REACH has heard from many frontline service providers that there is a gap in accessibility when it comes to trauma training in Edmonton.

REACH is dedicated to ensuring that this gap is reduced by supporting accessible training like Trauma Informed Edmonton.

“This two-day conference focused on building skills for frontline workers, so staff are able to deal with the complexities of trauma and address their clients' needs,” said Lindsay Daniller, director of Community Initiatives and Development at REACH Edmonton. “When clients’ needs are met their risks are reduced, then they are safer and the community is safer as a result.”

Trauma Informed Edmonton was organized by the Urban Core Support Network and its partners, including the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Police Services, Niginian Housing Ventures and REACH Edmonton.