REACH Edmonton

A varied group of 30 local professionals - from social workers to regional politicians gathered to participate in training focused on historic trauma in the Aboriginal community April 2. Historic Trauma and Aboriginal Client Services training will be hosted by REACH Edmonton a second time June 4 with the aim of creating an understanding of historic trauma and how it shapes the lives of Aboriginal clients in the present day. "Before today I had never even heard of the Indian Act," said one participant who works with local youth. "This is one of the best trainings I've done. I'm going to take it to work and into my everyday life." The half-day course will be facilitated by Dr. Patti LaBoucane, who serves as Director of Training and Communication with Native Counselling Services of Alberta. "I'm hoping to share knowledge about historic trauma and how it shapes behaviour," said LaBoucane. "The goal is to give service providers the context to create an atmosphere of safety and trust with their clients." For more information about this training, or to register for the June 4 session, click here.