REACH Edmonton

Discussing issues around consent and sexual harassment can often be uncomfortable, but having these conversations in a new country whose customs are still unfamiliar can be even more difficult.

To help new Canadians address this issue, REACH Edmonton, Newcomer TV (NCTV) and the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) partnered to create a pair of videos aimed at helping new immigrants talk about consent, treating partners and peers with respect and individual rights in Canadian society.

“These can be very sensitive subjects,” said Lindsay Daniller, Director of Community Initiatives and Strategic Development at REACH Edmonton. “These videos aim to educate new Canadians about social norms around consent, respect and individual rights so they are able to avoid unacceptable behaviour and be aware of their own rights in their homes and society at large.”

The videos were created in late 2016 will be used by REACH Immigrant and Refugee Initiative (RIRI) project coordinators and other frontline community workers to discuss issues including consent, respectful relationships, street harassment and individual rights in Canada.

A guide to using the videos to facilitate discussion will be available to RIRI project coordinators and other community workers, providing helpful tips on guiding these conversations.

The videos focus more on visual messaging than on verbal communication, so that people with limited knowledge of English can understand the message and participate in the conversation.

Focusing on building healthy relationships, the videos aim to lead groups discussing their struggles together and sharing coping strategies with each other.

The videos are effective in starting essential conversations among newcomers, and building connections between immigrant families in the community.

The videos can be viewed on REACH Edmonton’s Youtube page. The video on Respect can be found here and the video on Consent can be found here