REACH Edmonton

We've made our list and we've checked it twice.

A huge thank you is in order to all of our members, partners, volunteers and fellow Edmontonians. Thank you for helping us make Edmonton a safer city.

Much to our delight, 2014 was full of amazing opportunities. Here is a brief recap of our year:


  • The WrapED youth-gang prevention program received $5.2 million in federal funding.


  • REACH reported back to the community on the social return on investment of Schools as Community Hubs.


  • REACH, in partnership with the Edmonton Police Service, produced a promotional video on Hard Target, one of our many training opportunities.


  • REACH added Historic Trauma & Aboriginal Client Services workshop to our training opportunities.

  • The Sexual Exploitation Working Group hosted their annual week of awareness which included a proclamation, hard-talk panel discussion and two-day professional conference.


  • REACH was proud to partner on the High Risk Youth Conference.


  • REACH celebrated a successful year at our Annual General Meeting featuring keynote speaker Adam Kahane.


  • The Joint Use Summer Access Program saw an 80 percent increase in participation.


  • REACH partnered on the Aboriginal Youth Police Academy.


  • REACH partnered on Combat Crime.


  • REACH, in partnership with Bissell Centre and Homeward Trust, launched the #JustCall211 social media campaign.


  • REACH, in partnership with Edmonton Police Service (EPS), launched the Winter Safety Fair social media campaign.

  • REACH, in partnership with EPS and West Edmonton Mall, hosted the second annual Winter Safety Fair.

  • REACH added Stories of Survival workshop to our training opportunities.


  • REACH produced training videos for our growing Volunteer base which reached 40 people this year.