REACH Edmonton

This poem was written by Aroma Khosa and Javeria Farrukh (from the ASSIST Community Services Centre group) through the Joint Use Summer Access Program coordinated by REACH.

We Shall Never Change

We live in Turkey but we speak German

we are Dominicans and Venezuelans

we are Mexicans but we live in America

we are Columbians and Ecuadorians and we shall never change who we are

Why break humanity? By learning how to differ.

The flowers in the field don't mind getting friends, or being a different colour.

Clouds come in different shapes, created for different reasons. Yet they all float in the same way.

Different fruits grow, all with different tastes. When combined in a salad, now all made into something worth eating.

All together we stand, race, religion, values is what we differ?

The heart of love and care we all support and hold. The air we breathe replenishes to be shared again among the people we differ.

When you are opened to a world so diverse, the knowledge flows through you.

The knowledge of your people, multiculturalism settles in your life.

The sun gets brighter, your days become happier.

New conversations are made out of curiosity.

Friends are made, new relationships are created.

You take moments to cherish the joy in your society.

So now don't be afraid to lend a hand, and be blind from the judgmental thoughts.

Create a cultural mosaic in your heart, and it will appear in your life.

With brighter starts, happy endings and an amazing life ahead.