REACH Edmonton

REACH Edmonton partnered with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) this November for National Community Safety and Crime Prevention Month.

To recognize this month of awareness, REACH and EPS rewrote T'was the Night Before Christmas for Winter Safety Week. A social media campaign using the hashtag #wintersafety was implemented on the REACH and EPS corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts, Nov. 9-14.

The campaign engaged 196,761 people through Facebook and Twitter.

Each day focused on a different topic:

  • Day 1 - Don't leave valuables in sight/car
  • Day 2 - Winter driving safety
  • Day 3 - Curb the Danger; don't drink and drive
  • Day 4 - Winter safety for children
  • Day 5 - House safety while on vacation

If you missed the campaign, you can read it below.

T'was the month before Christmas, when all through the mall

Storefronts were changing to Winter from Fall.

The stockings were hung by fake chimneys with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.


The shoppers looked twice at signs they had read,

While visions of holidays danced in their heads.

As they went from mall to mall,

The two amassed a great big haul.


Out in the parkade there arose such a clatter,

As the shoppers returned to see what was the matter.

The back door was open, the purchases missing

"This must be a dream," they kept on wishing.


They awoke the next day to a big heap of snow,

Looked at the shovels and sighed, "Oh no!"

When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,

But a neighbour's car stuck, struggling in gear.


They grabbed their shovels, happy to save the day

Dug at the tires and pushed the snow away.

The driver pulled forward, avoided a bank

Leaned out the window and shouted, "Hey, thanks!"


Now Edmonton and area, listen to reason!

On tires! On wipers! Be safe this season!

Slow down! Take care!

So you'll always get there.


"Cookies, and pastries and eggnog, oh my!"

As the night wears on, so does the rye.

The couple was smart; the couple was thinking.

They called for a cab because they'd been drinking.


And then, in the morning, they awoke to a crash.

Ran from the bedroom, down the stairs in a flash.

There was little Johnny, skates and hockey stick in hand,

Looking up at Mommy and Daddy, who had ruined his master plan.


He was dressed in his snowsuit, toque and gloves.

Ready for a Winter day, playing the game he loves.

Dad runs upstairs to change for the day,

"You can't go outside alone to play."


Johnny and his daddy see a sign at the rink,

"Beware thin ice," Johnny's heart began to sink.

"We have to be safe, son, but let's' not waste the day.

We'll go grab our sleds and try the hills, okay?"


As they decorate their tree, Mom shares her surprise.

"It's a Christmas vacation!" Excitement lights their eyes.

"Before we start packing, we should start planning.

Who will shovel our walks while we're on a beach tanning?"


"I talked to Edgar, our neighbour next door.

He'll check on the house, pick up mail, and more.

We'll cover the windows and leave a light on for night.

This way we keep our valuables out of sight."


Johnny spoke not a word, but went straight to work,

And filled his red suitcase then turned with a jerk.

"Mom! How will Santa find us if we go?"

"Just write him a letter, that's how he'll know."


Home from vacation, they visit the mall.

Johnny jumps up on an exhibitor's stall.

"Help spread the holiday cheer,

Donate to those in need this year."